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Important Facts

AIADA Control Area33,970 acres
53 sq. mile, 83 gm
Held land area for the purpose of establishing industries and allied objectives3186.90 acres
Total developed land
(including 345.87 acre basic infrastructural land)
2955.76 acres
Number of total developed plotsPlots 1365
Sheds 142
Total developed work area7 Industrial phases
1 Industrial Estate
1 medium near Industrial Estate
medium-scale area
large-scale area.
          a) Micro Shed19 in VIth phase
          b) Mini Shed48 in IIIrd phase
          c) Large Shed75 in IIIrd phase and Industrial Estate
Total allotted land2609.79 acre
Available Land for allotment35 acre
          a) Number of total allotted plots1365
          b) Number of Total allotted sheds142
Total Industrial units to whom plots/sheds are allotted1102
Units under Production893
          a) Large scale12
          b) Medium scale71
          c) Small scale567
          d) Tiny scale243
Units under Construction129
          a) Large scale 1
          b) Medium scale12
          c) Small scale52
          d) Tiny scale64
No. of Sick/Closed Units80
Direct Employment27,900 (approx.)
Includes Tribals & local people11,550 (approx.)
Total investment on infrastructural facilities (Year 2003-04 to 2007-08)Rs. 36.42 crores
Approximate capital expenditure on units in productionRs. 3,050 crores
Average Annual ProductionRs.3,550 crores

Quality Standards

The products of these industries cover almost all international and national standards. The Quality Systems followed are ISI, ISO 9000, Q.S.9000 & ISO 14001.

Units with ISI certification21

Units awarded with International Quality certification

ISO 9000

  » Large Scale Industries11
  » Medium Scale Industries51
  » Small Scale Industries67

QS 9000


ISO 14001 EMS


TS 16946


Number of 100% EOUs


Number of export units


We look upon Railways, Defence, Mining authorities to utilize the vast capacities which are superb in terms of Quality, Reliability and cost effectiveness.