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Procedure Overview


  • Application for allotment of land along with application fee is to be deposited as per schedule given below.
  • Amount to be deposited along with the application for Land allotment:

    Copy of -
    Procedures and facilities for setting up an Industry at AIADA is available for Rs.200/-.

    Contact: 657-2371693

    Rs. One Lac to Fifteen lacsRs.     500.00
    Rs. Fifteen lac to Twenty five lacaRs.   1,000.00
    Rs. Twenty five lacs to Fifty lacsRs.   1,500.00
    Rs. Fifty to Hundred lacsRs.   2,000.00
    Rs. Hundred lacs to Five hundred lacsRs. 10,000.00
    MaximumRs. 25,000.00
  • Project clearance/land allotment committee meeting held on 4th Tuesday of every month.
  • After clearance of the project list of allottees along with the cost of the land is displayed on Notice Board.
  • After the cost of the land is deposited by the Entreprenuer the allotment letter along with provisional S.S.I Certificate is handed over.
  • Bond in Appendix-A to be submitted by the Entreprenuer prior to giving formal possession of the land.
  • Confirmation of water supply line and Power line is followed after formal possession of land from the respective dept.
  • If the unit is prone to generate pollution,No objection Certificate has to be obtained from Regional Pollution Control Department.
  • Factory plan drawn as per AIADA Bye-laws is to be approved prior to construction of the structures.
  • Permanent S.S.I Registration Certificate is issued within 15 days of submission of Application in periscribed form for the same for 30 years.
  • Lease Deed to be executed.


Miscellaneous Information

All information regarding change in constitution of the unit, change in Partnership/Directors, change in project, expansion and diversification, surrender of plots, purchase of units from Financial Institutions are available with AIADA.

Contact PersonsPhone NumberFax
Managing Director AIADA(0657) 2371693, 2371460(0657) 2371693
Director of Industries, Ranchi, Govt. of Jharkhand(0651) 2403705 
Secretary Industry, Ranchi, Govt. of Jharkhand(0651) 2252670(0651) 2252670


Application Forms

Application forms can be printed and used for applying. Payment against application shall be made in the form of local cheque or D.D. drawn in favour of Adityapur Industrial Area Development Authority, Adityapur, Jamshedpur.



Prevalent Land cost and other charges

Land cost

The cost per acre of land in different phases of Adityapur Industrial area varies. Land is allotted on lease to entrepreneurs for 30 years with a nominal land rate @1% of land cost to be paid every year and a maintenance levy of Rs.5000/- per acre is charged every year.

The land cost in different phases/sectors are as given below. Please note that the cost of land for 1 acre shall be 2 X the per acre rate and above 1 acre, the cost shall be 3 X the per acre rate. Escalation in land cost is 10% per year.

  1. Phases I to VI - Rs. 7,21,845 per acre
    • 1 Acre : Rs. 7,21,845 x 2 = Rs. 14,43,690
    • Above 1 Acre : Rs. 7,21,845 x 3 = Rs. 21,65,535
  2. Phase VII - Rs. 16,71,153 per acre
    • 1 Acre : Rs. 16,71,153 x 2 = Rs. 33,42,306
    • Above 1 Acre : Rs. 16,71,153 x 3 = Rs. 50,13,459
  3. Large Sector & Phase VIII - Rs. 13,49,527 per acre
    • 1 Acre : Rs. 13,49,527 x 2 = Rs. 26,99,054
    • Above 1 Acre : Rs. 13,49,527 x 3 = Rs. 40,48,581

Tariff of Electricity

For CS - I: Flat rate of Rs.60 per KW or part thereof per connection per month for a connected load up to 1 KW. If the connected load exceeds 1 KW then for each additional 1 KW or part thereof a sum of Rs. 30 per month will be charged.

For CS - II: Fixed charge Rs.100 per KW or part thereof per month for connected loads up to 4 kW.

Energy Charges:

  • For 1st 150 kWh 132 paise per kWh.
  • All in excess of 150 kWh, 160 paise per kWh.
  • Minimum monthly consumption - 50 kWh.

For CS - III: Fixed charge Rs.120 per kW or part thereof per month.

Energy Charges:

  • For 1st 150 kWh 132 paise per kWh.
  • All in excess of 150 kWh, 160 paise per kWh.
  • Minimum monthly consumption - 50 kWh.

Consumers having Air Conditioners shall pay Rs.150 per A.C. (Window type) per month and Rs.150 per kW per month for Central Air Conditioning load throughout the year in addition to above charge.

Tariff of water supply: Rs.136 for every 34,000 litres of water.