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JIADA (A.J.) Order


In compliance of the office order no ______ dated ______ Surveyor-cum-Draftsman and Industry Extension officer are directed to jointly give physical possession of Plot No/Shed No ______ in Phase No ________ measuring ______ Acre/Square feet of land to M/S ___________

Managing Director

Memo No ________ /ADA, Adityapur, dated _______

Copy to: M/S ____________ phase _________ for information. It is requested that the industry extension officer and the circle inspector may please be contacted and physical possession of the be taken by _____________ Oterwise this order will stand cancelled.

  1. After taking physical possession of the land demarcate the land by fixing pillars at corners and inform the circle Inspector to countercheck it.
  2. Fix up the signboard of your unit immidiately.
  3. After taking physical possession, boundary wall around the plot and a small and temporary room or shed for keeping a guard has to be removed immidiately after the construction of Factory.
  4. Within one month of the physical possession of the plot factory plan in triplicate has to be submitted to this office which, after initial approval, has to be sent to Chief Inspector of factory Jharkhand(Ranchi) for approval. This approval has to be taken within three months from the date of physical possession of land. This office has also to be informed that the factory plan has been sent to the Chief Inspector of factories. Any unit which has got accessw from other roads will not keep the main entrance on Adityapur Kandra road.
  5. A copy of the factory plan approved by Chief Inspector of factory is to be submitted in this office and any construction work on the basis of the approved map has to be started after taking permission from the undersigned as per B.R.U.L act.
  6. Apply to subdivisional officer, public health(engg.), Adityapur for water connection to your plot and inform this office and after getting water connection, intimate this office also.
  7. For Electrical connection, apply to subdivisional officer, Jharkhand State Electricity Board, Adityapur in prescribed proforma and inform this office and after getting electrical connection again inform this office.
  8. In case of any difficulty and for information, you may contact Industry Extension Officer.
  9. The trees in the plot will be the property of Authority and it can not be cut without the permission of Authority.
  10. Till the lease deed execution and permanent registration is done, the status of the enterpreneur will be that of the licence holder.
  11. If the alloted unitb does not complete the factory construction work within stipulated time, the land allotment will be treated as cancelled an dthe cost of land deposited will be forfeited by the Authority and the possession of the land will be taken back by the Authority one sidely.

Managing Director

Memo No __________ /ADA, Adityapur, dated ______

Copy to: Industry Extension officer for information and necessary action: Circle Inspector/Industory Extension officer is directed to inspect the units and comply to the office order.

Managing Director

Memo No:________ /ADA, Adityapur, dated _______

Copy to: Supervisional officer, public Health Engineering Department,Adityapur/subdivisional officer, Jharkhand State Electricity Board, Adityapur for information. They are requested to provide Water connection/Electrical connection immidiately when applied by the unit.

Managing Director